Join Michelle Schubnel for this Special Training Class

Michelle Schubnel

Michelle Schubnel

President and Head Coach


Discover The Secrets For Building a Thriving Coaching Business! 

Here's What You'll Learn In This Valuable Training Class...

  • The Fastest and Easiest Way to stand out from the crowd and command top dollar for your coaching.
  • The 3 key things you MUST do during the client enrollment process so that people say "YES" to coaching with you. 
  • How to package and price your coaching to attract more clients and increase your profits.
  • The secret for enjoying a steady stream of clients who want what your coaching provides. 
  • What to say when people ask how your coaching works, so they immediately get it and want to learn more.
  • The #1 reason why so many coaches fail to fill their practice and achieve financial success, and what you can do differently to create a thriving, rewarding and profitable coaching business. 

Access The Training For Free And Discover How You Can Avoid The 5 Traps That Can Kill Your Confidence, Credibility And Cash As An Upcoming Coach!