Giving free talks is such a great way to attract your ideal clients and grow your coaching business fast…

…but a big question a lot of coaches have is, “Where do I find speaking gigs?”

108 Places to Speak and Find Coaching Clients

Here’s a directory you can download for free that reveals 108 places you can speak and get new coaching clients.

It’s awesome and it comes with a free training video that shows you how you can get out there and start speaking right away so that you can make a difference for the people who need you most.

Download the “108 Places to Speak and Get NEW Clients” Directory here.

You rock,


P.S. When I launched my coaching business I literally went to the library to research places to speak (back in the stone ages – LOL:) Sure wish this directory and video training was available back then!

Download the “108 Places to Speak” and watch the training video about how to use speaking to find new clients now.