The 3 Most Proven & Profitable Group Coaching ModelsWant to maximize your impact and income in less time by coaching groups…

…But unclear about how that would look in your business?

Well, here’s a simple eBook I created for you that will help.

The 3 Most Proven & Profitable Group Coaching Models… And how to choose the best one for your business

In the free download, I reveal the critical factors you need to consider when choosing the right group coaching model for your business, including…

>> The secrets for generating massive revenue from group coaching, even if you run a low-priced group and don’t have tons of participants.

>> A simple pricing formula so you can confidently set your group coaching fees.

>> How much content you really need when coaching groups.

>> The best way to generate ongoing revenue through group coaching… And much, much more!

Download Your Free E-Book Here.

I think you’ll find it really useful!


P.S. I also made a training video for you that was shot in my living room on a really hot day (hopefully you can’t tell how much I’m schvitzing :)

In the video I walk you through the details of each group model and share the most important insight around the 4-minute mark.

Watch the video and download the free “Best Group Coaching Models” eBook here.

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