13697193_10153927663480326_4801100965315976150_nWhen I left my software sales job to launch my coaching business back in the year 2000, the thing I most wanted was a full practice of clients.

And while it didn’t happen right away…

…Eventually, after lots of trial and error, frustration and struggle, investing in business-building training and working my tail off, I finally achieved my full practice goal.

My business was humming along and life was good.

Then, my mom was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer.

And while there were a TON of awful things about this…

The fact that my mom lived in New York and was battling cancer is what caused me to create a 6-figure business coaching only 6 hours per month…

…and ultimately laid the foundation for the lucrative and leveraged coaching business I enjoy today.

Would you also like to create a 6-figure business coaching only 6 hours per month?

Well, I have something for you…

I just released a brand new downloadable blueprint and training video where I share what went down with my mom and how I generated 6-figures coaching 6 hours/month.

Get them here: www.groupcoachingsuccess.com/blueprint

You know, it’s weird to look back at something terrible, like having a loved one go thru stage 4 cancer…

…And also realize that if it didn’t happen, I probably wouldn’t have created the leveraged, multi-six figure business I have today.

Don’t wait for something tragic to happen in your life to switch up your coaching business model so that you can earn more by coaching less.

Download the blueprint and watch the video here:


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