Should you do a sale / special promotion?

Should you do a sale / special promotion?

Have you thought about doing a special promotion or sale in your business? I remember the first time I did a special offer in my business during the infamous sale weekend after Thanksgiving... ...It was 2012 and my husband and I spent Thanksgiving with friends in...

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A New Coaching Model That’s Making Jaws Drop

A New Coaching Model That’s Making Jaws Drop

Have you noticed that in today's world coaches can help clients and earn a great living in a variety of ways beyond the conventional coaching model? Group coaching and video coaching are great examples of this! Well, I found out about a totally new and unique coaching...

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Lessons Learned from the Unexpected Death of My Father

Lessons Learned from the Unexpected Death of My Father

A few days ago I got home from my trip to New York for my Dad’s Memorial. I ended up spending a total of 10 days on Long Island to help my Dad’s wife (my stepmom) deal with everything that needs to be handled when someone dies, especially when it is sudden and...

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A Fun, Free Way to Get Started with Groups

A Fun, Free Way to Get Started with Groups

Recently I've shared a lot of group coaching resources with you and today I wanted to share a fun, free way that you can start working with groups… …while you also focus on growing your business: Form a Mastermind Group with peers focused on growing your businesses!...

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Success Stories

  • “During the Group Coaching Success program I started a year long coaching group for former clients. I also created 2 other group programs and a weekend workshop that will happen in the next few months. Thank you Michelle for this inspiring program and to all the other participants for their helpful feedback.”

    Annemieken Van Reepingen
    Horse Assisted Education, Belgium

  • “Thank you so much Michelle! This was great. I appreciate the pace and amount of content you covered.”

    Justine Arian

  • “My coaching business before the Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. system wasn’t really working, especially with my approach to services. I didn’t have a clear strategy on marketing, packaging and pricing my services. The materials helped me to narrow my business focus and my target market. I feel more confident talking about my business and working with others now. The Packaging and Pricing module and the Client Consultation components really helped a great deal. It also gave me the confidence to charge more for individual coaching and to create some lower-priced/ shorter-term coaching products.

    The Client Consultation system…takes the guess work and awkwardness of meeting with prospects and positions me as the quality coaching professional that I am. Also, Handling client Objections changed the way I viewed objections and helped me appreciate the value I offer to clients.

    I feel I have all the tools to build a strong and success coaching and training/ speaking practice that is authentic and full of integrity. There is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to build a 6-figure coaching business in the next 12-18 months.

    Thank you Michelle for what you do. Keep being awesome!”

    Jeffrey Edwards, M.Ed., MBA 
    MakeWell Coaching

Free Coaching Business Start-Up Guide

Launching Your Coaching Business? (Or thinking about it?)

Download Part 1 of the Free Coaching Business Start-Up Guide and discover the key elements you need to have in place to run a successful coaching business, including:

  • How to name your coaching business
  • The best client management systems
  • The importance of signed client agreements
  • Providing intake materials
  • The equipment and technology you need
  • How to get paid and manage finances
  • The legal and insurance items you need to consider
  • And so much more!
Coaching Business Start-Up Guide