assessment-excellentDo you use assessments with your coaching clients?

If so, I’m really interested in which one is your favorite and how you use it. Please let me know by posting a comment below.

I was recently introduced to the WorkPlace Big 5 Assessment and I was amazed at how spot-on accurate it is. It’s easy to see why so many companies use this profile as part of their hiring process to make sure the candidate will be a good fit for the position.

In fact, I am so impressed with the WorkPlace Big 5, that I’m doing the on-demaand virtual certification program that starts on May 2nd. Exciting!

Want to try the WorkPlace Big Five for free?

I’ve hooked you up! Click on the link below, enter your contact information and these 2 words for the Project ID: Try Out

Click here to try out the WorkPlace Big Five Profile yourself for FREE!

After you do the profile (it takes about 10 minutes)
 you can jump in to next week’s group debrief teleconferences. You’ll receive the call times and dial-in information with your results.

Want to join me and get certified to use the WorkPlace Big Five Assessment?

Spaces are filling fast for the upcoming live and virtual trainings. I don’t want you to miss this amazing opportunity to get access to this transformational tool. Whether you’re new to coaching or a pro, this certification gives you everything you need to add value to your clients and create the ongoing revenue you need to live a life that you love!

The next LIVE certification is in Buffalo, NY on April 29 – May 1, 2013.


You can do the Virtual On Demand Training that starts May 2nd. (This is the one I’m doing.)

Plus, I’ve arranged for you to get 3 special bonuses when you sign up for the certification this month:

BONUS #1: You get the Big Five Sales Success Kit full of marketing ideas and materials to sell the WorkPlace Big Five Profile. (A $497 value).

BONUS #2: You receive two hours of one-on-one coaching after you’re certified to practice debriefing, discuss your sales strategy, and more.

BONUS #3: You also get 3 FREE WorkPlace Big Five Profiles to use with your customers. If you price them right, you can use these to cover your certification investment!

Finally, if you missed last week’s complimentary training on how you can use assessments to supercharge your coaching business, you should watch the replay.

It’s an eye-opening training about how coaches can use assessments to do better coaching, provide more value to clients, get in the door with corporate customers and develop an additional and potentially very lucrative revenue stream.

Click here to get the Using Assessments to Supercharge Your Business webinar replay.

There are SO many reasons I recommend coaches use assessments with their clients, especially if you coach in companies and organizations…

=> Assessments are great for having something “tangible” to give to a client in the beginning of a coaching engagement.

=> Assessments enable you as the coach to more quickly and easily get to know and understand the client, which means you do better coaching.

=> People LOVE assessments! (It’s true, people love to read/learn about themselves.)

=> PLUS… Offering assessments is an excellent way to get in the door with corporate clients.

Enjoy the webinar replay and taking the WorkPlace Big 5 for free!

The other GREAT thing about assessments is that they can be a very lucrative additional revenue stream in your business, especially when you work with corporate clients.

Take the WorkPlace Big 5 for FREE and get the webinar replay to discover how to generate more revenue, clients and success in your business by using assessments.