If you’ve been wanting to go beyond 1-1 client sessions so you can make a bigger impact and income…

Or if you’ve been wondering how to scale your practice without having to work more hours…

You’d be smart to create an online group coaching program!

It’s one of the best ways to earn more without stretching yourself too thin or burning yourself out.

But the tricky part is making the transition… Figuring out what your group is about, getting enough people to sign up and then delivering results that are just as good – or even better than your 1-1 sessions.

Well, I’ve got some great news…

I’m offering a highly interactive 3-day workshop that shows you how to make this transition from serving clients 1-1 to helping groups of clients at once….

…And It’s 100% free to attend and the sessions are only 90 minutes each day!

Get your FREE seat in the “Grow Your Business with Online Group Programs” Workshop

In this LIVE Online Workshop – in only 90 mins/day – you’ll find out…

  • How to leverage this unique opportunity in time to grow your business by coaching groups of clients online
  • The secret to avoiding burnout and leaping over the income and impact ceiling you’ll eventually hit if you only coach clients 1-1
  • How you can scale your business by systematizing what you do and creating your own Results-Based Coaching Program
  • Why the best way to create an online course is by running it first as a group coaching program.
  • How your clients can get better results in your group program.
  • The best way to design an irresistible group your ideal clients can’t resist.
  • The most proven and profitable group coaching models and how to choose the best one for you and your business
  • The 2 “Golden Rules” you must follow to fill your group programs
  • What’s working NOW to attract and sign up group coaching clients
  • The BIG mistake so many people make when marketing their group programs
  • 14 places to find your ideal clients online
  • The #1 Best Approach you want to be sure to use when launching your first group
  • And so much more!

The Online Group Coaching Workshop is happening LIVE online via Zoom on April 6-8, with a 90 minute session each day starting at 11am Pacific Time (2pm Eastern).

It’s best to attend live, but if the time doesn’t work, we’re giving you 24 hour access to the recordings after each session.

Grow Your Business with Online Group Programs => Get your free seat HERE!

If you’ve been wanting to move beyond 1-1 and instead work with groups of clients online be sure to join me for this highly interactive and value-packed workshop. It’s happening LIVE this week. Click the link above to get your free spot now.

I’ll see you there!