Hi, it’s Michelle!

By now you know I’m a huge fan of Joint Venture Partnerships and the JV Insider Circle. I hope you decide to join and when you do I’m excited to help you rock your JVs by gifting you with my “Joint Venture Success Bonus Package” worth $7,000!

BONUS #1 – List-Building Secrets for Coaches ($1,000 Value)
Although you don’t need a large and responsive email list to form successful Joint Ventures, it sure helps! This training provides the inside scoop on how to consistently grow your email list with people who love hearing from you so you can enjoy a constant stream of new clients and customers.

BONUS #2 – Create Your Signature Coaching System ($2,000 Value)
In this step-by-step training you’ll transform what you know into your own signature coaching system that you can use for group programs, live trainings, online courses and more…All things you can fill with joint ventures!

BONUS #3 – VIP Day Success Training ($2,000 Value)
When you’re out there setting up your JV collaborations, an easy, high-ticket item you can sell is a “VIP Day” with you. In the VIP Day Success Training, you’ll learn how to package and price your VIP Day, what to include, how to deliver great value without overwhelming your client and still leave them wanting more, what you need to different in a live vs. virtual VIP Day and much, much more. The higher ticket price means higher commissions for your partners!

NEW: BONUS #4 – Private 1-1 Strategic JV Planning Session ($2,000 Value)
During the past 7 years I have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars by forming supportive Joint Venture Partnerships… many of whom have now become close friends. In this private 1-1 session you get to tap into my extensive Joint Venture experience as I help you fine-tune your strategic JV game plan.