Create Your Signature Coaching Program... In Just One Day! 

"Get It Done" with Expert Coach, Michelle Schubnel and SAVE 60% on this one-day Virtual Workshop.  

With Your Signature Coaching Program You Will... 

Create Your Signature Coaching Program
  • Be able to easily answer the question, "How does your coaching work?"
  • Become a more confident coach, when you're marketing your services and when you're coaching clients.
  • Help your clients get way better results a lot faster and easier.
  • Save time by packaging up your expertise so you don't have to repeat the same thing over and over again.
  • Lay the foundation so you can offer your own group coaching programs, live or virtual workshops, online courses and more. 
  • Make more money by signing up more clients for longer periods of time.

SAVE 60%... One-Day Virtual Workshop "Create Your Signature Coaching Program"  

Thursday, December 13th at 9am Pacific Time

Since we know that not everyone will be able to attend the entire virtual workshop live...  

  • You get the video and audio recordings so that you can do the virtual workshop when it's best for you.
  • The workshop materials are yours to download and keep so you can add them to your personal Business Success Library.
  • You get a follow-up group coaching call where we'll review and fine-tune your Signature Coaching Program.

"Create Your Signature Coaching Program" 1-Day Virtual Workshop $997 Value... Your Investment: ONLY $397!