Create Your Signature Coaching Program... In Just One Day!

"Get It Done" with Expert Coach, Michelle Schubnel and SAVE 70% on this one-time-only pilot Virtual Workshop.

With Your Signature Coaching Program You Will...

  • Be able to easily answer the question, "How does your coaching work?"

  • Become a more confident coach, when you're marketing your services and when you're coaching clients.

  • Help your clients get way better results a lot faster and easier.

  • Save time by packaging up your expertise so you don't have to repeat the same thing over and over again.

  • Lay the foundation so you can offer your own group coaching programs, live or virtual workshops, online courses and more.

  • Make more money by signing up more clients for longer periods of time.

SAVE 70%... One-Time-Only Pilot Virtual Workshop
"Create Your Signature Coaching Program" 
Thursday, March 22 from 9am - 2pm (Pacific Time)

Since we know that not everyone will be able to attend the entire virtual workshop live...

#1 - You get the video and audio recordings so that you can do the virtual workshop when it's best for you.
#2 - The workshop materials are yours to download and keep so you can add them to your personal Business Success Library.
#3 - 
You get a follow-up group coaching call where we'll review and fine-tune your Signature Coaching Program.
#4 - 
You can ask questions and receive feedback in our private Facebook Group.

Because Michelle is piloting her new "Get It Done" Virtual Workshop format, you're receiving a 70% savings. The only catch is that in exchange for receiving this huge savings, we ask that you complete a short feedback form.


"Create Your Signature Coaching Program"
1-Day Virtual Workshop

Your Investment: ONLY $297!