“I am a coach myself and my coaching experience with Louise has served to confirm what I already knew, Coaching is Valuable. Coaching with Louise has moved me along toward my goals, helped me complete projects I’ve had sitting around for months and given me a plan for moving forward.

I started coaching because my current business reality did not support my vision for the future. I knew I would be relocating overseas and my local networking practices would not serve me. Coaching with Louise, I have develop several new, virtual products that can be offered and delivered internationally and I have implemented marketing practices that can be sustained no matter where I live.

Louise has a rare blend of business acumen and life coaching skills. She is able to identify the personal perceptions that, for better or worse, affect our business outcomes and she is able to offer suggestions for changing the messages we tell ourselves.

If you want to move forward, coaching –coaching with Louise – should be your next step.”