Are you familiar with is the world’s largest online shoe store – I’m a huge fan.

This amazing company has achieved great success (including being bought by for $1.2 billion) by focusing on superior customer service and company culture/core values.

Well, last week I was in Las Vegas attending the awesome JV Networking Summit and as part of the event we took the Zappos Tour at their corporate headquarters.

The tour was fascinating. I highly recommend it the next time you’re in Vegas. It’s super fun, interesting and free.

Anyway, one of the fun facts we learned is that Zappos has a full-time life coach on staff whose purpose is to coach employees to achieve whatever 30-day goal they want.

How cool is that?!

The goal doesn’t have to be related to work. There are no restrictions or a reporting structure. The employee simply signs up to work with the coach and when a slot becomes available they get started.

Want to know the top 3 things the Zappos employees want coaching on?

#1 – Career Development
#2 – Weight Loss
#3 – Management of Personal Finances / Budgeting

I wanted to share this with you because…

A. I think it’s awesome that offers free life coaching as an employee perk and I like to pass along fun coach-related stories.

B. More important, I wanted to plant a seed for life coaches who want to coach within a company or organization.

Why couldn’t you go out and find companies in your area who you could partner with to offer life coaching as an employee benefit?

I bet you could do it if you set the intention and then took inspired action.

What do you think?