How does your coaching work?

What do you say when a potential client asks how your coaching works? A) You talk about logistics... ie: "We schedule 3 coaching sessions per month and each session is 45 minutes, plus you can email or text me in between sessions." B) You say something like... "As a...

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Map Out Your 2019 Business Success Plan

Can you believe that it's already December and 2018 is almost over? Did you accomplish all that you planned? Did you even have a plan? As a coach and business owner, I know first-hand the vital importance of creating an Annual Success Plan. It's critical to map out...

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Should you do a sale / special promotion?

Have you thought about doing a special promotion or sale in your business? I remember the first time I did a special offer in my business during the infamous sale weekend after Thanksgiving... ...It was 2012 and my husband and I spent Thanksgiving with friends in...

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I need your advice…

I'm committed to being a valuable resource for you and want to make sure I'm sharing the business building strategies, training and tools that you are most interested in and are relevant to the stage of your coaching business. So would you please take a minute right...

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Halloween, Death and Funerals

I have always loved Halloween.  As a kid, it was about scoring as much candy as possible. In my teenage years, it was a night when I could justify getting into trouble. And as an adult, I have totally loved costuming-up for Halloween parties. Halloween now has a new...

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The Best Time of Year to Launch Your Coaching Group

Ever wonder... "When's the best time of year to launch my coaching group?" First, it's a little bit of a trick question, because the best time to start a group is when YOU are ready and excited to launch one... Right!? Second, you want to consider your ideal group...

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The Big Coaching Myth

There's a big myth in the coaching industry that makes it hard for coaches, especially new coaches, to attract and secure new clients. Want to know what that myth is? The MYTH is that everyone wants coaching. The FACT is that the percentage of people who know what...

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The #1 Way to “Level Up” Your Coaching Business

If you want a thriving, rewarding and profitable coaching business, it takes more than just knowing how to coach... also have to get the business side of things handled! That's why I'm so excited about Melinda Cohan's Easy-Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp that...

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Success Stories

  • “I took Michelle’s training somewhat desperate to generate five clients quickly for my upcoming coaching certification program. I was not only impressed with how many marketing tools I received, but also how many practical ways and examples to apply them. I chose to start with “Grassroots Marketing” and to my elation, I was able to generate 11 clients (better than a 50% return) by just applying a couple of the techniques she shared. I found Michelle to be an extraordinary teacher, who is wholeheartedly committed to helping her students create financial success and freedom.”

    Joyce Orecchia
    Monte Rio, California

  • “Before I learned the Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. system I was unfocused. I felt like I was all over the map. I only had a few clients, no groups and no plan to increase my revenue expect to work harder.

    The process of the Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. system is superb. Michelle was a great guide in walking me through the steps and building on each one until I got to the next level.

    Since learning the Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. system I have doubled my revenue and I did it without doubling the number of clients I’m serving. I have successfully run two ongoing groups and continue to build more through speaking activities.

    I continually come back to the content creation template to plan each group I start. And as I develop more components of my signature system, I always go back to my Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. system materials. The “Marketing Train” lesson was also a huge bonus for me. It gave me the focus I needed to not try to do everything at once.

    Thanks Michelle!”

    Marylee Pangman 
    Business Consultant and Coach

  • “I hired Michelle when I first launched my coaching business. I appreciated her sense of humor and fun, and was impressed by the CAGR system and Michelle’s marketing knowledge.  One of the biggest benefits of working with her learning how to adapt the CAGR marketing principles to my specific business needs.

    After taking time off to have a baby, I’m returned to my part-time coaching practice with a comprehensive marketing system in place, thanks to our work together.   Now I’m a part-time coach with a thriving, rewarding and well-paying practice.  Thanks, Michelle!”

    Marla Beck, MFA, CTACC
    Life Coach for Writers

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