A Fun, Free Way to Get Started with Groups

Recently I've shared a lot of group coaching resources with you and today I wanted to share a fun, free way that you can start working with groups… …while you also focus on growing your business: Form a Mastermind Group with peers focused on growing your businesses!...

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Your Road Map to Become a Successful Group Coach

It's true… there are a lot of details you need to have in place when you coach groups. So I created a helpful downloadable PDF that maps out the main steps you need to take in order to scale your business and maximize your impact and income in less time by coaching...

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Which group coaching model is right for you?

Group coaching is awesome, but it can sometimes be tricky to know the best kind of coaching group to offer. That's why I wrote this quick-to-read eBook "The 3 Most Proven & Profitable Group Coaching Models... And How To Choose The Right One For Your Business". In...

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It all happened because my Mom got cancer

It was June of 2001 and I had been coaching full-time for a little over a year when I received news that would change my life forever… …my mom Barbara was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. Thank goodness I was no longer in my 9-5 job with only 2 weeks vacation,...

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Get featured on these podcasts…

As a coach, if you want to increase your visibility, credibility and authority, one of the most fun, easy and free ways to do this is by being a guest on someone else's podcast. If this interests you, I recommend you download this free directory of the World's Leading...

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Success Stories

  • “During the Group Coaching Success program I started a year long coaching group for former clients. I also created 2 other group programs and a weekend workshop that will happen in the next few months. Thank you Michelle for this inspiring program and to all the other participants for their helpful feedback.”

    Annemieken Van Reepingen
    Horse Assisted Education, Belgium

  • “I’ve just completed the C&GR program and have $55,000 of new committed coaching revenue. With Coach & Grow R.I.C.H., I’m convinced that this is only the beginning of more success. Now I need more coaches on my team thanks to Michelle and the C&GR business-building program.”


    Ben Stewart, President
    FastForward Companies, Inc.

  • “I hired Michelle when I first launched my coaching business. I appreciated her sense of humor and fun, and was impressed by the CAGR system and Michelle’s marketing knowledge.  One of the biggest benefits of working with her learning how to adapt the CAGR marketing principles to my specific business needs.

    After taking time off to have a baby, I’m returned to my part-time coaching practice with a comprehensive marketing system in place, thanks to our work together.   Now I’m a part-time coach with a thriving, rewarding and well-paying practice.  Thanks, Michelle!”

    Marla Beck, MFA, CTACC
    Life Coach for Writers

FREE Group Coaching Training Class...

"Fill Your Groups With Ease…Avoid The 3 Mega Mistakes Most Coaches Make That Keep Their Group Programs Empty!"

Discover These Group Coaching Secrets in This Advanced Training…

  • What top coaches do differently that have people lining up to join their group (This alone can save you thousands of dollars and a boat load of wasted time.)
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