When you think about coaching clients and supporting them in achieving some type of transformation, outcome or result…

…Do you offer 1 main way that people can work with you or do you have multiple options?

For most coaches, I recommend having 3 main ways of working with clients:

  • Private 1-1 Coaching (where you offer a primary coaching package vs. charging by the session or charging by the month)
  • Group Coaching (where you work with groups of clients at once)
  • VIP Acceleration Days (where you work with a client to achieve a specific outcome over the course of a single day)

Today, let’s focus on Private 1-1 Coaching and how to create your main 1-1- coaching package, where you charge a set fee and provide clients a certain number of sessions, over a specific period of time, to achieve a clear and highly desired outcome or result.

This is different than charging by the session or by the month.

Here are 2 main reasons why I recommend the “By the Package” approach…

#1 – It makes your income more stable and predictable.  You can forecast your revenue and not be worried that all of your clients are going to suddenly complete on the same month.

#2 – The clients who sign up for a coaching package are willing to make an investment and a commitment. They take coaching more seriously and therefore get better results.  These are the kinds of clients you want – not the people who only want a session here and there and are not really willing to invest in themselves.

How To Create Your Main Coaching Package

Step #1: Identify The Main Outcome, Result or Transformation

People invest in coaching to solve an urgent, top of mind problem or to achieve a specific, desired result. When you position your coaching package as the best, fastest, most enjoyable, most fun, most effective, most lasting… way for a person to get that result or solve that problem they are more likely to hire you (and invest at a premium level).

The best way to do this is by including the client’s desired outcome, result or transformation in the NAME of your coaching package/program.

Here are some examples…

  • “Sales & Income Growth” Coaching Program
  • “Conscious Parenting, Happy Kids” Coaching Package
  • “Your Dream Career” Coaching

Step #2: Decide how much individual coaching the client receives

Typically this is the number of months, number of sessions/month and length of sessions. There are many factors to consider when determining the amount of coaching, including:

  1. How much coaching do you think will best support your clients in achieving the results they desire?
  2. How much coaching do you want to provide to your individual clients?
  3. How much coaching will clients readily sign up for?
  4. What makes sense from a business model standpoint?


  • If you are a career coach and you work with people who are unemployed and want to find a new job fast, having a shorter duration (e.g., 3 months) and meeting frequently (e.g., every week) would work well.
  • If you are an executive or leadership coach, you might choose to meet less frequently (e.g., once or twice per month) but have a longer duration (e.g., 6-12 months).
  • The amount of coaching the client receives can also change over time. For example, let’s say you offer a 6 month coaching package that includes 18 scheduled coaching sessions. You might choose to start the relationship off powerfully by meeting weekly for the first two months. Then you might switch to 3 sessions per month for the third and fourth month and then do 2 sessions per month during months five and six. 

Step #3: Determine any additional services, value-adds or perks you want to include in your coaching package

In addition to scheduled 1-1 coaching sessions, consider including additional benefits, perks and other services. These increase the overall value and help clients see they are investing in a complete “package” or “program” … not just the time with you during the scheduled sessions.

Here are some ideas of things you can include/provide:

  • Check-in calls
  • Text access
  • Email access
  • Comprehensive intake session
  • Assessments such as the DISC, Meyers-Briggs, the Enneagram, etc.
  • Written feedback report after each coaching session
  • “Strong Start Monday” 5 minute call or text for weekly focus/accountability
  • Provide “done-with-you” or “done-for-you” services such as a Resume Re-Write, Marketing Plan Creation, Customized Meal Plans with shopping lists, Personalized daily meditation, etc.
  • Provide shadow coaching
  • 360 degree feedback process
  • Comp or discounted enrollment in other services, such as workshops, online courses, memberships, group coaching, etc.
  • Allow business partner, assistant, romantic partner, accountability buddy to attend coaching sessions
  • Comp or discounted coaching to spouse, business partner or assistant
  • Comp or discounted additional services such as consulting, healing, hypnosis, intuitive readings, breathwork, etc.

Step #4: Connect with the value you provide

When it comes to setting the price for your coaching services, focus on the value that your coaching provides, instead of thinking about it in terms of trading time for dollars.

Here’s an exercise that will help you connect with the value that your coaching provides.

  1. List the results and outcomes that are possible through your coaching.
  2. Identify the “benefit under the benefit.” For example, the result a client can achieve might be getting a new job. Underlying benefits might include the elimination of stress and worry, boosted confidence and self-esteem, etc.
  3. Next put a dollar value on achieving those underlying benefits. Often times the value will be “priceless.”
  4. Then look at the flip side, what is the cost to a potential client who does not achieve the goals and results they desire?
  5. How will not achieving their desired result impact the person’s health, finances, family, business, career, etc.?
  6. What are the potential costs to the person?

Step #5: Price your coaching package

Determine the total investment (ie: $5K for the 6 month package) and offer clients a full pay or an installment option.


SO… If you’re not already offering clients a main coaching package, are you inspired to start? 

Post a comment below if this article has been helpful or if you have questions!