“Coaching with Louise has been wonderful! She has taken my ramblings and turned them into clear, concrete thoughts that help me keep moving forward as I start up my practice.  I can tell that she believes in me and my vision – and my ability to make a difference in the lives of many!  I am so grateful for this support!
I had been struggling with defining my target market and why someone should hire me for so long!  With Louise’s help and the C&GR system, I have been able to keep refining my target market and the benefits clients could receive by working with me, helping me focus and get clearer for myself on what I do and how to promote my services.  Before, it felt like my market was so broad that it would be very difficult to stand out.  Now that we have focused more, I can more clearly express what I do and how I can help others.  Makes marketing so much easier!
Being coached by Louise is fantastic!  With her cheerful nature, encouragement and expertise in building a coaching practice, I feel that I am setting a strong foundation for my business.  I have never done anything like starting my own business before, and Louise’s knowledge and insight continue to be so valuable!”