Before I started working with Deanna, my business was doing well in spite of me. I was serving clients and being paid well for it, but there was no strategy for manageable growth.

The most difficult part of growing my business was developing a plan that I could execute without taking time away from current business obligations.

If I had continued down that path my business would have continued to do well, but burnout would always be looming. Whenever I wanted to increase my earnings, I worked more and that is not sustainable.

The thing about Deanna is that she’s found the right balance between coaching and consulting. I needed to grow my business in a way that worked for me, but I wanted to start that journey with some structure and choices that have been shown to work. Once Deanna got me pointed in a profitable direction, she helped me take action on the plan that worked best for me.

The biggest lesson or AHA moment I’ve had is that my business growth is dependent upon a marketing system that works and is easily maintained.

Now my business is different. It’s easier to attract clients to programs that leverage my time because I have a marketing system that I can execute. No more wondering what to do next.

And because of that, my life is different. It’s more manageable and I have a vision for my business. What’s more, I can see where I’ll have more time for my family.

I’ve had a number of results since starting my coaching with Deanna. I’ve re-connected with my email list and learned how to deliver them value. This was possible because I streamlined my focus and got clear about my target audience. These actions led to 3x increase in my first workshop with a 4-figure net that tripled my previous workshop proceeds. I’m now planning several more in-person and online trainings that I expect will be quite profitable.