Have you thought about using Facebook Ads as a way to attract ideal new coaching clients?

CallanFBAdTemplateThis is something I really want to do more of, so I went to my friends Callan Rush and Justin Livingston, who have completely got the Facebook Ads thing figured out…

In fact, they are getting more than 400 new email subscribers each and every day, its amazing!

There’s obviously a lot that goes into having success using Facebook…

… and it all hinges on creating a perfect ad.

Callan and Justin have created The Perfect Facebook Post Ad Template…

… and now you can get a copy here at no charge: www.cagrrecommends.com/fbadtemplate

Just follow the simple 3 step formula in the template and you can see great results as well.

This Facebook Post Template is very easy to use… it’d be silly not to check it out ;)

… so what are you waiting for? Get yours here!