WomanAs you may know, teleseminars and webinars are a hot way to attract new coaching clients…

…Especially in the beginning of the new year.

Have you been wanting to offer your own teleseminar or webinar, but aren’t sure how to put together a training that attracts, educates and enrolls new clients?

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Kim Clausen, global training expert, has put together an easy-to-follow guide to help you create your next client getting teleseminar in just 10 simple steps.

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If you’ve attempted to create your own teleseminar with less than stellar results…

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I’ve been using teleseminars to attract and enroll coaching clients since 2001, when I was just getting started with my business. And while the technology has changed a lot…

(I paid $1,000 for a year’s access to a basic phone-bridge line, unlike today where there are tons of free teleconference services!)

…teleseminars are still one of the most effective, easiest and low cost ways to attract and enroll new coaching clients.

If you’re not yet using teleseminars, now’s a perfect time to get started.

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You can do this!