I recently had my first ever real “studio photo shoot.” It was with the amazing and talented Lindsay Miller.

Want to help me choose my new “main business headshot”?

Click here and tell me which of these 2 you like better.

MLS-Headshot-FB-Red-Shirt MLS-Headshot-FB-Tan-Dress

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s important for you to have a professional headshot and where you would use it.

I think it’s pretty darn important!  The fact is… You are your business.  You want to stand out and differentiate yourself. You want people to remember and recognize you. A good headshot helps you do that.

If you’re on a budget, all you need is one good picture that you use consistently and before long people will begin to recognize, remember and connect with you.

Here are just some of the many places you can use your high quality professional business photo…

Business Card
Email Signature
Your Website: Home and About You Page
Linked-in Profile Picture
Facebook Picture
Coaching Directories
Business Directories
Professional Bio
Speaker One Sheet
PR/Media Photo

Are you consistently using a high quality business photo you love that reflects how you want to be seen in the world as a coach and business owner?

If not, let’s make that a priority, okay?

And after you schedule your photo shoot let me know and I’ll send you my photo shoot tips.

Show your magnificence to the world!


Thanks in advance for going here and telling me which photo you like best.  I appreciate your input!

I know it’s overdue… but I am a little sad about retiring my well-known “Yankee Hat Photo.” It was so fun and served me well for many years!