TakeTheLeapI just celebrated my 15 Year Anniversary of making the big leap from a full-time software sales job to start my full-time coaching business.

(Wow… it’s amazing how long ago that was… and what a ride it has been!)

Anyway, when I made the transition from Employee to Coach & Biz Owner, there were a lot of ups and downs. I did a few things right and made a whole bunch of mistakes!

If you’ve already made the leap, Congratulations! And I’m curious if you can relate to the “ups and downs” and the “successes vs mistakes.”

If you’re not yet coaching full-time and it’s something you aspire to, I want to help you avoid the “downs” and “mistakes” that I went through and I see SO MANY coaches needlessly experiencing.

So, to thank you for being part of my community…

…I wouldn’t be here and have a 15 Year Anniversary if it weren’t for people like you…

I am offering a Brand New Training Class and YOU are invited to attend as my guest:

“How to Transition From Full-Time Employee to Full-Time Coach…” with Michelle Schubnel

DAY: Saturday, June 6th
TIME: 9am Pacific (12noon Eastern)

Reserve your seat now.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this LIVE Training Class…

=> The Top 3 Reasons why so many coaches fail to successfully launch their coaching business, and what you can do to avoid these deadly mistakes.

=> The #1 Most Important Skill you need in order to grow your coaching business quickly.

=> How to choose if a “Fast” or “Slow” transition will work best for you.

=> How to determine the amount of finances you need to make the transition… And what to do if there is a big gap between that number and where you are right now.

=> Which business-building elements to focus on first… And which ones to hold off on.

=> How to consistently build your belief and confidence, even when you’re experiencing self-doubt … And MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Discover how to go from Employee -> Coach!

This is the only time this Training Class is being offered LIVE.

When you attend live, not only will you have a more powerful learning experience…

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive expert coaching and feedback on your unique situation!

Ready to discover how YOU can most effectively make the leap to a successful, full-time coaching business?

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Here’s to making “the leap” and zipping down the road to your thriving, rewarding and profitable coaching business!