When I joined the coaching profession back in 1998, I looked up to the coaches who were leading the field and yearned to find out how they achieved their success.

Do you also want rise to the top of the coaching field, but you’re not quite there yet?

Maybe you’re still searching for your tipping point…

…That single key piece of strategy to push your coaching career to the next level.

That’s why I want to tell you about the Author, Speaker, Coach Superhero Summit.

It’s one free training per day from Nov 10-21, and it’s all about STRATEGY.

The right strategies to get you into that top 1% of authors, speakers & coaches, and take your rightful share of the pie …

Best-selling books.

Big stages.

High rates.

Fat paychecks.

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What you’re about to learn on Nov 10-21 is pretty amazing:

– A complete, proven campaign to make almost any book a real #1 best-seller

– Latest, proven #1 Bestseller & Tribe-Building Strategies to build an adoring audience in 2015

– How to boost your revenue by becoming a high-paid consultant and showing people how to achieve results with your ideas

– How to take your message to its highest level by delivering it from stage

– Specific, actionable strategies to book yourself solid, get paid more and get the bigger stages & exposure,

– How to create multiple lucrative ‘backends’ in your business through writing & high-paid coaching & consulting

– The best way to raise rates & attract better quality clients and build a rock-solid practice

– How to take your unique process and turn it into your signature group coaching program to deliver you multiple streams of revenue & help dramatically more people

– How to skyrocket your credibility & expert ‘status’ through writing bestselling books & speaking

– And more!

I’m honored to be one of the 12 superheroes you’ll be learning from… we’ve worked hard to get to the top 1% of what we do.

And we’ve come to hand you the strategies and the roadmaps that have worked for us and so many of our students.

If you’re serious about joining the 1%, leading your positive movement for change in the world, helping people in a huge way and being paid well to do it, then this summit is a MUST ATTEND.

And the best part of all?

It’s completely FREE.

Register here FREE for your Summit Season Pass

You rock!