2016blueprintAs a coach don’t you just love the beginning of a new year when people are naturally focused on setting and achieving their most important goals and dreams?

This is the BEST time of year to enroll new coaching clients!

To help you take advantage of the “New Year Effect” I created a valuable gift that will help you sign up new clients over the upcoming weeks and throughout your coaching career.

It’s called the “Client-Getting Strategy Session Blueprint.”

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In the Blueprint you’ll discover the proven Client Enrollment Formula that I teach in my paid training program, so don’t miss this special opportunity to access some of my best content at no charge!

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Knowing exactly what to do so that you can consistently sign up new clients is critical to the success of your coaching business…

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Here’s to rocking it out in 2016!

Be sure to watch the short training video that goes with the downloadable blueprint. I think you’ll find the sample scripts for the different parts of the Client Enrollment Formula is especially useful!

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