Normally I focus on sharing business-building tips, articles and resources with you.

But today I wanted to share this personal story about the power of a single coaching question…

Earlier this year my husband Adam received a job offer for a position that requires being away from home for months at a time.

As you might guess, I was NOT happy about this idea.

But after numerous conversations, I realized how much my husband wanted to accept the offer.  It also became clear that from a professional standpoint, this job was a perfect fit for where he wants to take his career and that ideally it would lead to a different job not requiring so much travel.

So reluctantly I gave my blessing and my husband accepted the position…

But the truth is, I still wasn’t truly on board and dreaded the end of his training period after which he would be sent on his first assignment.

My coach saw how much this was bringing me down and negatively impacting my marriage. So during one of our sessions he asked me this question…

“How could your husband’s new job become a positive thing for you?”

And in that moment I had a complete paradigm shift.

I suddenly realized that if my husband wasn’t going to be home, that I didn’t need to stay home either.

So, in May when I went back East for my college reunion, instead of just going for a long weekend (which is what I originally planned on doing) I booked a 2 week trip and was able to visit friends and family in Massachusetts.

Next, I decided to really take advantage of the fact that I can run my business from just about anywhere. So I started putting things in motion so that I could go visit my husband Adam for several weeks and keep things humming along in my business.

In addition, I decided that I wanted to rent out our house while I was away.

As soon as I was clear on that intention, I became highly motivated to take inspired action and got busy taking pictures of my house, posting ads on AirBnB and Craigslist, and preparing the house for a renter.

Well… long story short, I was successful in my mission and ended up renting my house for 5 weeks, giving me the freedom, flexibility and extra finances to easily travel, work remotely and spend time with my husband in Pensacola, Florida where he is stationed.

I wanted to share this story with you for a couple of reasons…

#1 – As coaches we often have clients who can benefit from having paradigm shifts and it is often a seemingly simple or obvious coaching question that can evoke huge transformation for our clients.

#2 – To remind you that clarity + the power of intention + inspired action = desired results.  I truly believe that’s the magic formula.  If one of those pieces are missing, the desired results often don’t show up (or at least not as quickly and easily as they could!)

#3 – Trust your instinct.  My husband was a little nervous about me renting our house. I felt totally confident it was the right thing to do and that everything would be fine.

Guess what? I ended up renting our house to a professional baseball player and his family.  Seeing as I’m a huge baseball fan, I took this as a very good sign and everything has worked out great.

Thank you for letting me share my story with you.  If you have any thoughts, comments or questions please post them on the Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. Facebook Page.