manifest2Do any of these apply to you….?

  • You live month to month on what you earn, with nothing left over
  • You’re earning a lot less than your potential
  • You are frequently stressed from not having enough money
  • Your clients don’t pay you anywhere near what your work is worth
  • You give your services away for free too often
  • You don’t feel confident about charging more than you do now
  • In fact, you feel a little selfish or guilty about the idea of charging a lot of money
  • You’ve racked up some debt and you don’t know how or when you’ll pay it off
  • You’re working too much and you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • You feel too embarrassed to say that you want more money
  • You keeping wishing you were financially secure, but you don’t know how to get there

If you’re nodding your head, then I highly recommend you grab a free copy of my friend, Bill Baren’s “High End Package Manifesto: The Antidote to Undercharging & Underearning…”

In it you’ll learn “why charging more will actually bring you more clients, more success in your business and dramatically improve the impact you are making.”

I’ve known Bill for a long time and I’ve learned a lot from him over the years about why coaches self-sabotage when it comes to charging what they’re worth. And I have to agree with him…under-charging has become an epidemic that doesn’t serve you as the coach or the coaching industry as a whole.

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