I’m asking about your computer backup because a lot of coaches put “backing up their computer” in the same category as “flossing their teeth.”

They understand the importance and benefits, but the activity doesn’t happen as regularly as it should!

If you can relate, this email is for you…

There are the 2 main ways to backup your computer:

LOCAL BACKUP – This is when you use backup software (included in Windows and the Mac OS) to copy your files to an external source (such as a DVD, flash drive or external hard drive). This is a good approach as long as it is done regularly.

REMOTE BACKUP – This is when yourfiles are backed up online and stored remotely. Once you get your online backup system in place, it runs automatically so there is nothing you have to remember to do.

I recommend – and personally use – a combination of these strategies.

REMOTE BACKUP SYSTEMS are great because it happens automatically and if there is a catastrophe (flood, fire, earthquake, etc.) or your computer is stolen, all of your documents, pictures, music, applications and other files will be safe. If you are only going to implement one backup strategy, choose the remote backup.

I use CrashPlan.com as my remote backup system. It’s highly recommended, very affordable and super easy. (Unlike Mozy.com which was a pain because it requires that you keep your computer on and connected to the internet during the set-up, which can take days if you have a lot of data.)

LOCAL BACKUP SYSTEMS are great because when you want and need to access your backup files,
they are right there. There is no ongoing fee, so it’s less expensive. Plus, if you use something like an external hard drive that you keep connected to your computer, you can schedule automatic backups.

HINT: If you are doing local backups and it’s not set-up to happen automatically, create and follow a backup schedule or system. For example, pick a specific day of the week to do your backup or combine it with another regular activity, such as paying the bills. Or if you travel a lot, be sure to do your local backup before a trip.

So, since you are still reading this I bet that your current computer backup system could use an upgrade.

Am I right?

Okay, here’s the plan…

1. Decide whether you want to do a local backup, remote backup or both.

2. Get your computer backup system running by next Thursday 3/17/11.

Are you in?

If so, leave a comment stating your commitment to get your computer backup system in place by
March 17, 2011.

Then, after your computer backup system is up and running, come back to the C&GR blog and post another comment announcing your accomplishment.

To help make this a bit more fun, I’m going to sweeten the deal…

*** Post a comment here by Thursday 3/17/11 that you have your computer backup system in place and be entered to win a private, 30 minute,  business strategy session with me! ***

Okay, if you don’t currently have an effective computer backup system in place, now’s the time to make it happen.

Go do it, let me know by leaving a comment and if you win, it will be great to connect with you 1-1 during your business strategy session.

If you have a hard time making decisions, start with online remote backup using CrashPlan.com.

Last year my husband’s computer crashed and he did NOT have a backup system in place. When
all that was going down, he was NOT fun to be around. If you are thinking of putting this off, don’t. Do it for yourself, your business AND your loved ones.

Do you want to know why March 17th is a great deadline for handling your computer backup system?
March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day and there is an expression about the “Luck of the Irish.” It’s good to feel lucky… It’s even better to create your own luck. Backing up your computer is an excellent way to create your own luck.