TomBufordLast month I hosted an excellent webinar with my friend Tom Buford on how to create information products.

(If you missed it you can still get the replay here.)

Tom specializes in helping people create their own information product in a single weekend and he has a few spots left in the program he is running this weekend.

I wanted to let you know in case you’re ready to immerse yourself and get your own info product done in a weekend

What made me think about sharing this with you is that I got a message from Jim, a member of the C&GR Community, who attended Tom’s last Info Product In A Weekend. Here’s what Jim said:

“Good morning Michelle,

Just wanted you to know that I went through Tom Buford’s weekend and found that it was just what I was looking for to help give me a roadmap for developing a marketing product through the internet. Tom’s willingness to help people and extend himself by fielding unlimited questions after his calls was unique in my experience and shows he has a heart for helping people and not just trying to make a buck. The resources he provides are extremely helpful and practical in developing a product and he presented them in a logical way as to not overload neophytes like me.

I appreciate you keeping in touch with me over the last several years with your e-mails. Although we have not worked together, I sense you have the same attitude in helping people in the coaching arena as Tom….Thank you for connecting me with Tom. It was a great experience.

Best regards, Jim”

I’m not sure exactly where you are in your business, but if you’re interested in creating your own information product and you want to get it done in a single weekend, I totally recommend Tom Buford’s Info Product In A Weekend Program.

Click here and discover how you can create your own Info Product in a weekend!

And if you’re busy this weekend, check out the program and see about getting it on your calendar for a future date.

I just really want for you to have your own information product and LOVE that there’s a program that helps you get it done in a weekend.