In case you haven’t heard, on Monday 9/2/13, Diana Nyad became the first person to swim from Cuba to Key West without a shark cage.

What’s even more impressive is that Ms. Nyad is 64 years old and this is the fifth time in 35 years that she has attempted this 110-mile swim through the Florida Straits, notorious for its strong currents, sharks and swarms of stinging jellyfish.

After completing the 53-hour feat, Ms. Nyad shared this,

““I have three messages…
One is we should never, ever give up.
Two is you never are too old to chase your dreams.
Three is it looks like a solitary sport but it takes a team.”

Read the New York Times Article about it here.

These are such great lessons, and as a coach ones that you likely remind your clients, customers and followers about.

That’s why, as a savvy coach, business owner and marketer, I invite you to take on this Fun Little Challenge to connect and engage with your clients and community around this inspiring news story:

Take on this Fun Little Challenge…

#1 – Create a short article or video IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS using one of Diana Nyad’s three messages as the topic and reference the Diana Nyad story.

Here are some ideas:

=> A Small Business/Entrepreneur Coach could write an article about the importance of perserverance and not giving up.

=> A Career Transition Coach could write an article about how you are never too old to achieve your dreams.

=> A Leadership Coach could write an article about the importance of a team working together to support a singular goal or vision.

#2 – Distribute your article or video:

=> Email to your newsletter list
=> Post on your blog, LinkedIn, Facebook page, YouTube Channel
=> Post on forums or groups you belong to

#3 – Focus on giving value and creating engagement by asking a question or for their opinion or if they’ve have had a similar experience, etc.

Be sure tell them how to respond, ie: post a comment below, click here to let me know on my blog, etc.


#1 – A lot of coaches seem to struggle with finding topics and ways to provide value and connect with their audience. This Fun Little Challenge solves that.

When there is something current in the news that relates (even kinda, sorta) to your business, leverage it!

#2 – Diana Nyad’s story is truly inspirational and her messages are universal.

This makes it so easy for you to connect and engage with your clients and community around this current story.

#3 – Referencing hot, trending, news topics is a great way to stay relevant, increase your open rates and improve Search Engine Optimization.

#4 – I’ve even given you a title/subject line. Feel free to use it: What you can learn from Diana Nyad

#5 – I’ll help you out.

Take on this Fun Little Challenge.
Post your article/video on your blog, facebook page or YouTube Channel IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS.
Let me know by posting a comment on my Facebook Page.
And I’ll like and comment on your article/video – helping to “prime the engagement pump”

#6 – You could win a prize!

All good contests or challenges have some type of prize or reward. This Fun Little Challenge is no different.  Get the details about how you could win a cash prize on the C&GR Facebook Page.

I hope this was helpful for you! Post a comment below to let me know if you have comments or questions.

I hope you take on this Fun Little Challenge and that I get to read your article or check out your video.

You rock!