This week in the USA we celebrated the 4th of July – Independence Day.

Back in 2000, when I launched my full-time coaching business, the holiday took on a new meaning for me.

In addition to celebrating the independence of my country, I also began celebrating my freedom and independence as a business owner.

I’ll never forget that first Independence Day when I celebrated making the big leap from employee to full-time coach. I think I was still in shock that I was able to earn enough income from my coaching business to pay my bills!

I’m curious, do you celebrate your freedom and independence as a business owner too, or am I the only one? Post a comment below to let me know.

Or perhaps you aspire to celebrate your freedom and independence as a business owner, but you’re not there yet.

If this is you, what are you committed to so that you can celebrate YourIndependence Day next year?

Post a comment below and let me be your witness.

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