Porter Done For YouOne of the cardinal rules of coaching that I learned in my coach training program is that “The client does the work.”

But what if you, as a coach, want to do some of the work for your clients? Is it okay for you to offer “Done-For-You” services?

I’m seeing more and more coaches including “Done-For-You” services in their coaching packages – often as part of the coach’s premium coaching package.

Here are some examples:

=> A career coach includes a Resume Re-Write
=> A small business coach provides a step-by-step Marketing Plan
=> A leadership coach offers the development of a Succession Plan
=> A health coach develops Customized Meal Plans with recipes and shopping lists
=> A corporate coach includes the creation of an Employee Handbook
=> A relationship coach creates an Online Dating Profile for her clients

Can you see how clients really appreciate these types of “Done-For-You” services?

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So, are you currently including something “Done-For-You” for your coaching clients? Or perhaps is this something you are going to add in the future?

It’s obviously a personal choice, however including an enticing “Done-For-You” component can make it a lot easier for people to say, “Yes” and sign up for your coaching.

Please post a comment below to let me know what you think about this.

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And too many more to mention here.

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