I’m curious about something…

Do you know the #1 Roadblock that keeps
so many smart and talented people from
building the coaching business they desire?

It’s not having a “R.I.C.H. Niche.”
Now, I bet you’re wondering what a
R.I.C.H. Niche is and if you have one.
Let’s start with how you can tell.
Answer these 3 questions.
(And please be really honest with

1. Do you feel uncomfortable or nervous
when people ask, “What do you do?”

2. Do you find that your family and friends
don’t really get your coaching?

3. Is it difficult for you to explain how your
coaching works?

If you answered YES to any of these
questions, then you are definitely
missing your R.I.C.H. Niche. Let me
help you find it!

I recently held a information-packed teleseminar
call “Communicate Confidently and Fill Your Practice”
where participants learned…

– What a R.I.C.H. Niche is and how to
quickly narrow-in on yours.

– A proven 3-step process on how to
attract more clients simply by how
you speak about your coaching.

– What you need to say so people really
understand what you do as a coach.

– How to dramatically increase the number
of referrals you receive.

– The BIG mistakes coaches make when
talking about their business and how to
avoid them.

– Exciting details about my upcoming
training program for coaches who are
serious about filling their practice with
awesome clients.

If don’t yet have your R.I.C.H. Niche,
and you weren’t able to join me live on
this call, don’t worry!

You can get the recording of the teleclass,
“Communicate Confidently and Fill
Your Practice” here:
=> www.coachandgrowrich.com/free/teleclasses