Are you interested in being a highly-paid expert in your coaching niche and having the kind of coaching business where in addition to 1-1 coaching, you also share advice and sell information over the internet?

(I know that not all coaches are into this, so if that’s not your thing feel free to move on to the next post :-)

If so, I have some AMAZING resources for you!

#1 – My mentor, Brendon Burchard, just released a free video training series that shows you:

=> 10 essentials that will help you build an “expert” coaching brand.

=> 3 ways to position yourself as a high-value, highly-paid expert and coach.

=> How you can productize your expertise to serve more clients while also dramatically increasing your income.

BTW, if you haven’t met Brendon Burchard yet, the guy who did the video, I think you’ll be blown away by how much high quality content he shares.

Plus his story is pretty darn inspiring…

You’ll see why in his video.

The guy cares, he does it himself, and he really breaks it down for you.

I’ve been in a mastermind group with Brendon for the past year and I can tell you first-hand, he really knows his stuff.

Get his free video training now (before it goes away) on how you can become a highly paid expert coach … and then be prepared to take a lot of notes!

#2 – Brendon is hosting a one-time only webinar called the “5 Most Lucrative Paths to Monetizing Your Advice & How-To Content Online.”

Click here to register as my guest and get ready to learn:

— Which marketing strategies work best online TODAY
— Why people would pay you thousands for YOUR advice
— What types of advice and content you should release (and when)
— Five example paths for generating serious revenue online by sharing your how-to information

Personally, I’m a big proponent of the leveraged coaching business model that includes individual coaching, group coaching, online training and information products.

Having multiple revenue streams not only increases your income, it enables you to make a much bigger impact and serve more clients.

Plus, I believe that when a coach combines how-to training and practical strategies, WITH the power of coaching, clients can get better results faster, and experience deeper and more lasting change.

What do you think?

As a coach, sharing your voice and advice with the world is a worthwhile endeavor whether you make money or not, but as Brendon says, “You might as well be compensated for what you know, and earn an income for all the impact you can have.”

If you’d like to learn how from the #1 expert in this area, don’t miss this one-time only webinar. Sign up now as my guest.


After you’ve had the chance to learn from Brendon, please post a comment and let me know your take-aways. I’d love to hear your thoughts!