Have you thought about creating a membership site but never made it happen because you weren’t sure which type of membership site platform to use?

Successful coaches often use membership sites for things like a private client area, a way to deliver information products or as the hub for group coaching programs.

Here are some of the top membership site platform/systems commonly used by coaches and the PROs and CONS of each.

Please post a comment below if you have experience using any of these platforms or have other recommendations!

Coaches Console

PROs: Complete online system for managing your entire coaching business. With the Coaches Console you can attract new clients, manage current clients, track client progress, handle call notes, manage billing, email prospects and clients, do online scheduling and much more.

CONs: Ongoing monthly fee.


PROs: This is a great content management system that is specifically built for coaches. It’s ideal if you run group programs, do online coaching or want to deliver an online course. It’s very easy to use and is a standalone system see you don’t have to worry about integrating it into an existing website.

CONs: Ongoing monthly fee.

WishList Member

PROs: With a one-time $97 fee, this is a powerful and affordable membership solution that works as a plugin to a WordPress blog. Ideal for client member area, group programs or online courses.

CONs: Not the easiest platform. Requires some technical savvy (or outsourcing) for set-up and understanding how it works.


PROs: This is a popular content management system for Infusionsoft users, as it was bought by Infusionsoft and therefore has excellent Infusionsoft integration.

CONs: Ongoing monthly fee.

Virtual Training Academy

PROs: This is a great platform if you want to focus on student/customer engagement, reward progress and track participation.

CONs: No pricing available on website. Per user fee.