Do you wonder if your coaching niche is narrow enough?

A lot of coaches do!

Let’s start with some fundamentals so we can all be on the same page.

Q: What is a coaching niche?

A: Your coaching niche is a combination of who you coach (this is also called your target market) and what you coach on (the results and outcomes that you help clients achieve).

Q: Why have a coaching niche?

A: Your marketing becomes more effective and is easier to implement.

A: Your clients get better results, faster and with more ease.

When you focus on coaching a certain type of client to achieve a specific outcome, you develop expertise in that area. You get good at coaching those clients to achieve their desired results.

A: You can charge and receive higher coaching fees. Clients value and pay top dollar for expertise, experience and perspective.

Okay, so now on to the niche question that comes up for a lot of coaches…

Q: Which is better a broad coaching niche or a narrow coaching niche?

A: It depends. It depends on…

=> What your current coaching niche is and how well it’s working for you. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

=> How long you’ve been in business. Some new coaches really benefit by starting off with a broader niche so they can work with a lot of different client types on a variety of topics. Then after gaining that experience they are able to confidently choose a specific coaching niche.

=> The kind of marketing you enjoy most.

Let’s say you’re a coach who enjoys in-person marketing such as speaking, networking and being active in your local community. You could develop your expertise and become known for a specific area (e.g. career transition, leadership, business growth, health and wellness, financial freedom) that allows you to serve multiple target markets in your community.

In contrast, a coach who prefers internet marketing will want to stand out from the crowd by having a narrow and focused target market and niche.

=> Your background and experience.

Many coaches wisely leverage their personal or professional background and experiences when choosing their coaching niche.

For example, I recently met 2 different coaches who were considering focusing their coaching business on working with veterinarians.

The first coach was a retired veterinarian who had just sold her successful vet practice. She was passionate about sharing her wisdom by mentoring and coaching new veterinarians.

For this coach, choosing veterinarians as her target market was a natural fit and made a lot of sense.

The second coach was a marketing whiz who helps small business owners attract more ideal clients by leveraging the internet. She thought she needed to narrow her target market and was considering veterinarians. She recently had great success working with a vet client and dreamed of becoming a veterinarian when she was young.

However through our discussion, she realized that while she was attracted to working with veterinarians, her real passion was marketing. She loved helping all types of service professionals to easily attract more of their ideal clients.

So instead of choosing a narrow target market like veterinarians, she decided to stick with a broader target market and just did some fine-tuning by going from “small business owners” to “service professionals.”

She then identified more than a dozen different types of service professionals who she would like to coach. Now she can get busy with her two favorite marketing activities (attending networking events and doing speaking engagements) to reach them.

So my friend, how is your coaching niche working for you?

Do you need to get more narrow and focused?

Or perhaps is it time for some fine-tuning?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

You can also post any questions you have about choosing your niche and I’ll personally respond and give you my feedback!