Here in the northern hemisphere* it’s almost summer and I’m totally looking forward to it.

How about you?

A lot of coaches dread this time of year because coaching clients tend to disappear in the summer.

I was not aware of this phenomenon when I was a new coach.

So I nearly had a heart attack when my seemingly thriving coaching practice went from 17 clients in May to 5 clients in August when I was still new in business and my only revenue stream was working with clients one-on-one.

Let met tell you, I had to do some serious belt-tightening that summer. It was not fun.

I call this the Summer Slowdown and it can happen.

Here are 4 STRATEGIES for not having it negatively impact your business:

1. DON’T Offer Month-to-Month Coaching

Instead, sign up clients for coaching packages that last for a set period of time (e.g.: 3 – 12 months or longer). This is KEY for having your coaching income be more steady and predictable.

If you missed my recent blog post about how to package and price your coaching you might want to check it out. People have been leaving comments that it is really helpful.

2. Offer a Summer SPECIAL

My favorite way to do this is to offer accelerated coaching services – such as coaching intensives or VIP Days. We’re doing that at C&GR again this summer and I can’t wait!

As much as I enjoy working with clients 1-1 for an extended period of time and really getting to know them and their businesses, I also love working with clients in quick, intensive, highly productive and results-oriented bursts. That’s EXACTLY what our Fast Start VIP Days are all about.

Click here to get all the details and learn how you can apply for one of our limited Fast Start VIP Days. If you want to fast-track your business growth AND save a boatload of money, this opportunity could be your missing piece.

3. Focus on an Important PROJECT

Assuming you are not enjoying a 2 month vacation — if so, BIG High Five — I highly recommend you choose ONE significant project to complete this summer, such as creating an information product, launching a website, developing a group coaching program, mastering FaceBook or LinkedIn, etc.

This has worked so well in my business! I cranked out the first workbooks and training calls for C&GR Virtual University during the summer of 2003 and rewarded myself by going to a Dave Matthews show in Atlanta that September. I spent the summer of 2006 creating a big new website.

If you have extra time to work on your business, focusing on a specific project that will deliver a significant ROI is an excellent use of those extra daylight hours.

Go ahead, take on a summer project! Tell me what you’re going to do by posting a comment below.

4. Take Time Off and Have FUN!

I admit, this is my personal favorite. A huge reason why I became a coach and built the business I have is because I wanted the freedom and flexibility to spend time with my family.

Next weekend my husband and I are kicking off our summer fun when our twin 14-year-old nieces arrive from New York for a week of “Aunt Michelle & Uncle Adam Camp.” We are taking them river rafting and camping in Yosemite. I think I’m a lot more excited than they are.

All commerce ebbs and flows.

For many coaches, business naturally slows down in the summer.

Has this been your experience as well?

Will you be implementing any of these strategies in your business this summer?

I’d love to know what you’re up to. Please post a comment below and share your thoughts.

*To my friends in the southern hemisphere who are approaching winter, sorry that this post is not as relevant for you right now. Perhaps file away and revisit in November or December?!

Also, I’m curious, do you experienced the summer slowdown down under? I’d sure love to learn from you! Post a comment below and let me know.