January1CalendarIn the beginning of a new year people naturally focus on making a fresh start, setting important goals and going for the things they most want to achieve.

That’s why January and February are two of the best months to attract and secure new coaching clients. I call this “The New Year Effect.”

How are you going to leverage The New Year Effect in your business?

Here are some ideas…

1. Send a Holiday Greeting with a Value-Add

Successful business owners are masters at keeping their name and their business on people’s minds. Send a heartfelt holiday greeting and be sure to include something of value that relates to your coaching and specialty.

For example, you could include a goal setting worksheet, a Top Ten List about keeping New Year’s Resolutions, an article or report that you’ve written,an invitation to attend a free teleclass or webinar, or a gift certificate for a complimentary coaching session. To avoid getting lost in the shuffle, send a New Year’s card in January.

2. Acknowledge Current Clients

It is common to thank customers for their business around the holidays. This can be a small gift, a nice hand-written note or a bonus coaching session. Clients appreciate the acknowledgement and it’s an easy way to add value.

Here are some gift ideas: bubble bath, herbal teas, an inspirational daily calendar, candles, a copy of your favorite book or CD. And for those “hard to buy for” people, you can’t go wrong with a gift card.

3. Reconnect with Past Clients

As I’m sure you know, it is much easier to sell to a former customer than it is to find a new one. The holidays and new year are an excellent time to reconnect with past clients.

Consider giving former clients a complimentary “New Year Goal Setting” coaching session. A percentage of them will likely begin coaching again. Or give former clients a gift certificate for 50% off of one month of coaching that they can use or give to someone they know.

4. Provide Gift Certificates

Enable people you know to give the gift of coaching by offering gift certificates. Get even better results by picking a specific focus for the gift certificate. For example, choose a theme that is applicable to who you coach and what you coach on, such as:

– The Career Breakthrough Strategy Session
– The Profit Acceleration Coaching Package
– 90 Days to Feeling Great Health & Wellness Program

5. Offer a Free Training

The best and most effective marketing is education-based. When you provide a high-value training that relates to the topic you coach on, you develop credibility and expertise with your target audience, and are seen as a resource and “go-to” person in your niche. You attract new potential clients and grow your email list.

Your free training can be an in-person speaking event or workshop, a teleclass or webinar or even a video training. The real keys to success are to make sure you deliver a lot of value in your training and then make a very clear offer about how people can move forward and take the next step with you.

IDEA: We have a “Done-For-You” Client-Attraction Teleseminar Package called Best Year Ever.

It’s a turnkey package that includes everything you need to market and deliver a free, high value teleseminar specifically designed to attract new coaching clients.

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6. Get Creative With The Complimentary Coaching Consultation

Create a special client enrollment strategy session that you offer in the beginning of the new year. Give it an enticing name, such as “New Year Success Strategy Session.” Or better yet, customize your offering so it is very attractive and appealing to your target market. Here are some examples:

– Career Jump Start Session
– Fitness Breakthrough Session
– Relationship Revitalization Strategy Session
– Soulmate Finder Strategy Session
– Authentic Leadership Strategy Session
– Profit Acceleration Strategy Session
– Client Attraction Strategy Session

Challenge yourself to do a certain number of strategy sessions during the first two months of the year.

7. Launch a Group Coaching Program

If you’re not already coaching groups, consider starting one in the new year.  Group coaching is an excellent way to coach with more people, including price-sensitive clients, grow your business and increase your income. It’s also a ton of fun. Plus, people like joining groups, especially in the beginning of the year.

How are you going to leverage the The New Year Effect?

Share your favorite strategies by posting a comment below.

Here’s to preparing now for an awesome new year!