I have a quick question for you.

What do you call your client enrollment session/consultation?

For example, do you call it a:

=> Free Session
=> Complimentary Session
=> Free Coaching Session
=> Complimentary Coaching Consultation
=> No-Cost Initial Consultation
=> Strategy Session
=> Breakthrough Session
=> Discovery Session

Do you give it an enticing name based on the main outcome or result your ideal client desires?

Such as:

=> Career Jump-Start Session
=> Client Attraction Strategy Session
=> Fitness Breakthrough Session
=> Peaceful Divorce Strategy Session
=> Leadership Breakthrough Session
=> Relationship Revitalization Session
=> Effective Executive Strategy Session

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You see, the name of your client enrollment process impacts:

  • How you position the session
  • How you market the session
  • How people perceive the session
  • Who signs up
  • How many people sign up
  • What people expect from the session
  • How you conduct the session

For example, let’s look at some of the commonly used words:

Free catches the eye and is short and easy-to-say, but can trigger spam filters and can lessen the perceived value.

Complimentary gives a professional feel, but is a mouthful to say.

No-Cost has two negative words, no and cost!

Session sounds like something you regularly do with clients.

Consultation implies a meeting for an evaluation, recommendation and likely some type of decision.

The words Strategy and Breakthrough are powerful.

Giving your session an enticing outcome-based name speaks directly to your target market and captures their interest.

So, what do you call it?

Share your opinion and join the conversation by leaving a comment below.

Thanks! I really look forward to reading what you have to say.