Happy New Year!

As we close out 2012 and look forward to the new year, I want share some important questions and activities I recommend for the beginning of the new year so you can make this year your best one yet as a coach and business owner.

I also have a special New Year’s gift to help you start 2013 off right! (See below)

1. Choose a personal THEME for the year. Here are some examples: Abundance, Adventure, Joy, Ease, Flow, Connection…

2. Set an INTENTION for the year for your business. Here are some examples: Deliver top notch customer service, Double revenue and profitability, Create world class products and programs that enable clients to get results as quickly and easily as possible, Connect with 10,000 new people…

3. Determine your minimum and ideal gross and net FINANCIAL goals.
How much total (gross) revenue do you want to generate in your business this year and what does that look like on a monthly basis?
How much net income do you want to earn this year and therefore how much do you want to pay yourself each month?

4. What do you want to ACHIEVE in your business this year beyond your financial goals? Are there important activities or projects that you want to take on?

5. WHY do you want to achieve your financial and other business goals? What are your reasons? Why are these things important to you?

6. HOW will you achieve your financial and business goals? What are the packages, products and programs that you will be offering and at what price points?

7. What are the STRATEGIES and TACTICS you will use to market your offerings? And what will you be offering WHEN?

8. WHO do you have to be as a coach and business owner to fully live into and achieve your goals and intentions?

New Year’s Gift

Click here to download the Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. Decide, Believe, Dream E-Book that will help you answer the above questions and build commitment, belief and clarity around having the coaching business you truly desire and deserve. Available through January 14, 2013.

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