Did you get Olympic Fever? People love the Olympics and the 2012 games from London were the most watched in history.

As a professional coach, if you are looking to attract more clients and become better known, consider riding the Olympic wave.

You see, watching the Olympics can inspire people to want to achieve more in their own lives. And the Olympics will continue to be a hot topic for weeks.

As a coach you can help people tap into and connect with their own desire for greatness and passion by engaging in meaningful dialogue, asking powerful questions and being naturally curious.

For example:

“Which Olympic athlete inspired you most? What would it take for you to be at the top of your game like?” 

“Is there anything you would commit to achieving, the way these athletes committed to being Olympians?”

“What qualities do you think enable parents of athletes to best support their child’s Olympic dreams and how could you bring more of those qualities to your parenting?”

“What characteristics did you notice in the teams that took gold? How could you develop those characteristics within your team?”

“I bet it was an amazing experience to be one of the Olympic volunteers. Have you ever wanted to be a part of something big like the Olympics?”

“Did you see the outfits the US team wore for the closing ceremony? If you were the decision-maker, what criteria would you use for making the selection?”

Can you see how authentically asking questions like this could lead to some powerful conversations and potential interest in your work as a coach?

Do you believe the Olympics inspires people to achieve more in their own lives?

I’m curious what you think and if you are you leveraging this phenomenon in your coaching business.

Post your comments and questions below. I’m really interested in what you think about this.