We’re in unprecedented times and that’s why I hosted a full-house Global Coaching Community Town Hall Meeting about how to keep your business growing while also making a Positive Impact during this worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The Town Hall was great and people really appreciated all of the ideas, resources and insights I shared as well as the sense of community. Unfortunately we were over-registered and some people weren’t able to get in, so I decided to offer the replay.

So if you couldn’t make it to the live call, here’s your chance. 

Click here to watch the replay.

Here’s just some of what we focused on:

  • How to stay calm and positive.
  • How to show up as a coach and leader.
  • How to pivot, especially if your business focuses more serving clients in person.
  • What you need to do differently now.
  • How to be of service, give value and grow your community.
  • How to build your business during times of crisis like this.
  • And more!

Click here and watch the replay

The Positive Impact Pivot