Sale TagsShould you run a sale in your business?

The Short Answer: YES

The Reason: Everyone loves a DEAL

The Long Answer: Read On!


#1 – Let’s start with the word SALE…

=> If you focus on private coaching or you serve the corporate market, you probably don’t want to use the word SALE. You do however want to run occasional promotions and use calls-to-action that entice prospects to say YES!

=> If you have an ebook, information product, membership site, continuity program, etc…. The word SALE works great.

#2 – How Many Sales/Promotions to Run…

The sweet spot is 1-2 sales/promotions per year.  More than that and it’ll seem cheesy.

Think about it. Stuff is ALWAYS on sale at Walmart.

LexuswithBowWhereas… Nordstroms runs half-yearly sales. Lexus and other luxury car companies have their year-end “Red Bow on the Top of The Car” Holiday Sale.

A profitable and rewarding coaching business is way more Nordstroms than Walmart.

Do 1-2 major sales/promotions per year. It works great.

#3 – When To Run Your Sale/How To Position It

You need a reason for your sale/promotion. Here are some ideas:

Birthday Sale

This can be your birthday or someone else’s like a loved one, famous person, historical figure… there is a bday every day of the year, so you can get really creative with this one.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

Piggy-back on the traditional big sale days of brick-and-mortar businesses

Anniversary Sale

Of your business, your degree, your sobriety, your marriage, adopting your pet…

British kitten  and dog dachshund

(If you have a pet you should DEFINITELY incorporate it into your marketing!)

Holiday Sale

Any holiday can be a reason for a sale/promotion.

As applicable choose a holiday that relates to your business, i.e.:

  • Career or Life Coach (or just about any coach)  => New Year’s
  • Relationship Coach => Valentines Day
  • Parenting Coach => Mothers/Fathers Day
  • Organization/Productivity Coach => Easter/Passover (spring cleaning/renewal theme)
  • Business Coach => Tax Day or Independence Day
  • Weight Loss Coach => Ground Hog Day (start getting ready for bathing suit season now)

#4 – Why You Need a Deadline and Absolutely MUST Email on the Final Day

Most people are procrastinators.  We wait until the last minute.  When the doors are about to close we FINALLY make a decision and jump into action.

Whether you like it or not, it’s how things work. Here’s how to use this knowledge to your advantage…

  • Run the sale/promotion for a finite period of time
  • Announce the deadline in the SECOND email
  • Use a countdown time on your sales page and in your emails – as your technology allows
  • Send at least one email on the final day


In my recent week-long Birthday Sale 75% of all sales came in on the LAST DAY!

Please post your comments or questions below.

I’d LOVE to hear if you’ve done any sales/promotions in your businesss and what’s worked (or not worked) for you!