It’s true that speaking is one of the very best ways for you to connect with ideal clients and fill your practice…

… As long as you have the “Big 8” Keys to Success in place!

To help make sure you’re not missing any of these, below is a helpful article from my former business partner and expert speaker Michael Charest. 

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ARTICLE: The “Big 8” Keys to Success to Get Coaching Clients from Speaking!

By Michael Charest

How To Turn Free Talks Into Coaching Clients

Speaking is one of the most phenomenal ways to procure coaching clients. When done well, an average of 6% of your audience will become clients. 6% may not sound like much, but let’s look at the math: You speak to a small audience of just 50 people. You get 3 new wonderful clients. Let’s say your average revenue per client is $5,000. That’s $15,000 in revenue… From one free talk! Do this 17 times per year and earn $250K from this one strategy!

That’s the great news! But the bad news is very few coaches achieve this level of success. That’s because you have to absolutely NAIL these most important Keys to Success.

Target Market

You must be crystal-clear on your Target Market. And the groups you speak to must cater to that market… Almost exclusively. In the above example, if just 20% of your audience is not your Target, your yearly revenue decreases by $60,000. And in fact, it will actually drop by much more as the energy of the room changes, and thus the effectiveness of your talk.


The absolute worst thing you can think when preparing and delivering a talk is, “I don’t want to give too much away, then they won’t hire me.” Now, you want to be careful not to cram too much into your talk, but you surely want to have a servant’s heart. Be sure to teach, inspire and give them what they need and want. They deserve it and you want them to experience how awesome you are!


In order for people to want to hire you, you must help them begin to solve a big problem. You want them to feel the pain of not achieving what you are speaking about, as well as the pleasure of achieving it. The bigger the gap between these two emotions, the stronger the need is and the more likely they are to hire you.

Overall Delivery

This should go without saying, but your delivery must be awesome. You needn’t be the greatest speaker ever, but you must be darn good! Some factors that constitute good include but are not limited to: Your overall charisma and energy, the value you provide, your voice and pacing, starting and finishing strong and use of humor. When you fully “get” how incredible this strategy is, you will invest in a speaker coach. This will also help you in your coaching!


People are all allergic to the terms “slick” and “salesy.” Most speakers and coaches error on one of two sides of the same coin. They are either too much of the above whereby they disguise a sales pitch in the cloak of a value-added talk. They “seed offers” throughout their talk in a gross way, then make a 12-minute pitch at the end. While other folks are so afraid of coming across this way, they either don’t make an offer at all, or do it in a timid, weak way, both of which lead to the same thing… Nothing!

Start Strong

If you do nothing else right, please do this… Get into the meat of your talk within 90 seconds. We’ve all been an attendee where we’re sitting there for 15 minutes, pen and notepad in hand, ready to write pearls of wisdom. And the speaker spends this time telling you what they are going to cover and/or their credentials. Not effective! Instead, try something like this on for size… “Buckle up everybody and let’s get to it. The first step for ______ (whatever you’re teaching) is to…” BAM! Now everybody is paying attention and into your talk!


Positive Expectancy Without Attachment to Outcome. You must fully and completely believe in yourself, your talk, your offer and that you will get clients from your talk. And you must not be attached or give up if you don’t. At the end of every talk, make a list of the five things you did great, and the five you need to improve on. This is a MUST for every single talk. Do your very best, challenge yourself to get better, but when it doesn’t happen, accept it. You may have no sales at one event and the next will far exceed your expectations.

Consultations are King

Unless you are doing your own workshop or seminar, you usually won’t make a “straight buy offer” from the stage. Instead, you want to offer a complimentary consultation. We know as coaches that the consult is necessary in most cases to determine if the prospect is the right fit for us, and vice versa. The cool thing about offering the consult from the stage, is you aren’t selling anything, you’re giving! This negates the fear of being salesy and the audience receiving it that way. The key is however, you must offer this in a clear, confident, concise and powerful manner.

There you have it… The “Big 8” Keys to Success to Get Coaching Clients from Speaking.

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