There’s a big myth in the coaching industry that makes it hard for coaches, especially new coaches, to attract and secure new clients.

Want to know what that myth is?

The MYTH is that everyone wants coaching.

The TRUTH is that the percentage of people who know what coaching is, recognize the value and actively seek it out is actually quite small.

On the flip side there is a huge percentage of people who would benefit from and invest in coaching, but they don’t really understand what coaching is, or they have a misperception about coaching, and therefore it’s not something they think they want or need.

Let me ask you a question…

When you talk about and market your services, do you focus on the coaching? Do you emphasize how powerful and transformational coaching is, how your coaching methodology works and the logistics of the coaching relationship? Do you use vague language (coaching helps people get to the next level) or industry jargon (coaching empowers people to find their own answers)?

If so, I bet you’re not consistently attracting as many new clients as you would like and that marketing feels like a struggle.

The good news is that you can change this quite easily by focusing on the problems and challenges people have and the solutions, results and outcomes that are possible by working with you.

The majority of people are not walking around thinking, “I want to hire a coach.”

Instead they are thinking…

“I’m unhappy at work and need to find a new career that I actually enjoy.”

“The new manager I hired isn’t connecting with the team and I don’t know what to do about it.”

“I really to lose weight, get in shape and feel healthy and energized again.”

“I’ve got to figure out how to stop procrastinating and get more organized and productive.”

“I’m stressed out, overwhelmed and feel completely disconnected from my spouse and family.”

“My business isn’t growing and I need to get more clients.”

“I’m tired of being single and going on bad dates. How can I find the one?”

Remember people don’t really care about coaching. Instead they care deeply about their problems. That’s why when you position your services as the best way to solve big problems or achieve specific outcomes, people pay attention and are interested in hearing about what you offer.