Collage of a group of people portrait smilingHave you ever wondered, “What’s the easiest and fastest way to fill my coaching practice or group program?”

It’s by having other people fill your practice or group for you!

This is also called forming Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures or Promotional Partnerships…

… and this strategy is, by far, the EASIEST way to add large numbers of eager new clients into your business FAST.

I recommend you discover how to use this powerful strategy yourself.

Wanna know something interesting?

This strategy is completely under-utilized because people think that you need to have a ton of experience or a large network or email list.

Nothing could be further than the truth.

All it takes is one or two aligned partnerships to fill a coaching practice or group program.

For example, when my former business partner Mike first launched his coaching business he filled it in a few short months by forming a Strategic Alliance with a chiropractor.

Robin, an executive coach in Canada, filled her practice through a Joint Venture with a training company.

And Melanie has been able to fill two group coaching programs per year by forming a powerful partnership with the local chapter of a well-known national professional association.

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Plus… what I love about this powerful business-building strategy is that ANYONE can implement it and it’s FUN!

Discovering how to create powerful JV Partnerships was a total GAME-CHANGER in my business (more about that in my next email…)

Now’s it’s time to make JV Partnerships work for you:

This is my #1 RECOMMENDED STRATEGY that you focus on to attract a boatload of ideal new clients to your business.