Love it, hate it or want it, there is just something about Money that widens our eyes and makes our heart beat a little faster.

That’s probably why a recent issue of choice magazine, “The M Word”, was so wildly popular. The issue was jam packed with articles on how to make money and why we love, adore, crave and are sometimes afraid of money.

Sound familiar?

Because of the importance of the “Money” topic, choice magazine is hosting “The M Word Virtual Conference” and I have the pleasure of speaking at this event.

This is a 3 day virtual conference that you can attend from the comfort of your own office or home. The conference has a list of amazing speakers that will take you through 3 exciting days of learning and application related to building your business.

Want to improve your relationship with money?

Ready to learn specific strategies on how to market and sell more comfortably and easily?

Join me at choice magazine’s Virtual M Word Conference and discover how to get your money flow going!

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