#10 – Passion Is Your Trump Card
Your passion, enthusiasm and energy will open doors, deliver opportunities and literally work as a magic wand in your business. Find your true passion and stay connected to it!

#9 – Use Your Head And Check-In With Your Heart
As a business-owner you need to make a lot of decisions. If your brain is telling you one thing and your heart is telling you something else, trust your heart. Follow your intuition.

#8 – Be Who You Are
This is your business. You get to create it however you want. Quirks are good and your best clients will be most attracted to the real, authentic you.

#7 – Have Big Enough “Why’s”
What are your reasons for wanting a thriving, rewarding and profitable coaching business? You need strong and powerful reasons so you get and stay committed to do what it takes.

#6 – Things Often Take Longer Than Expected
Whether it’s launching a website, achieving a full practice or reaching an income goal, things often take longer than you want or expect. Build in extra time and don’t beat yourself up. Late is better than never.

#5 – Playing Big Is Actually Easier Than Playing Small
This may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s totally true! When you play big and really go for it you have to take more action, reach out for support, be bold and really put yourself out there. Playing small really doesn’t serve you or the world.

#4 – If You Aren’t Willing to Invest, Neither Will Your Clients
Building a successful business requires a significant investment of time, energy and money. If you aren’t willing to make financial investments in your business, you end up attracting potential clients who aren’t willing to make financial investments either.

#3 – It’s Okay To Make Mistakes
Making mistakes and experiencing setbacks are inevitable when growing a business. Be okay with it. Besides, nobody pays half as much attention to your mistakes or setbacks as you do.

#2 – Perfection Is Highly Overrated
Done is better than perfect. Keep in mind the 80/20 rule and remember that often “good enough” really is perfect.

#1 – To Grow Your Business, You Must Grow Yourself
The more you grow yourself as person, the faster and easier your business will grow.