Have you identified your coaching niche and target market?

It seems there is a lot of confusion in the coaching community about whether or not a coach should have a niche. And as one of the C&GR Associate Coaches, I want to put the record straight, and give you a few tips too!

Ultimately what any coach wants, and I hope I’m speaking for you, is to help as many clients as possible and have a thriving practice. Am I right?

Here is the truth: Whether you call it your target market, niche or ideal client, the reality is that you need to focus on marketing your coaching to a specific group of people with common challenges and goals.

In fact, it’s pivotal to your success.

One of the cornerstones to building a successful coaching practice is choosing that special group of people you want to work with. 


Because when you focus on them and their specific challenges and you start speaking directly to them in language that really resonates with them, they will without hesitation raise their hand and say, ” This person knows exactly what I’m going through and she/he is the coach for me.”

Here are some examples:

“I’m a coach working with women going through divorce who want to get through the rollercoaster ride in one piece with the possibility of happiness again.”

“I’m a corporate coach working with middle managers who are new to management and making a hash of it – I help them communicate effectively with their team, earn their respect and produce great results.”

“I’m a relationship coach and I help men in latter years build their confidence and find their 2nd time around soul mate.”

Can you see how being clear and specific is more powerful than something vague like, “I’m a coach, and I help people move from where they are now to where they want to be.”

When you are not specific about the group of people you’re focusing on, their challenges and the solutions they want, it is less likely people will work with you because you’re not making a connection. It’s really as simple as that.

Tips For Choosing Your Niche

Here are a couple tips to help you decide who your ideal clients are (your niche) and start seeing some results.

1) Think of a time that was pivotal to your growth and how you might be able to support people going through the same thing. This could be a huge challenge, change, illness or shift.

2) Think about what you are extremely passionate about, get on your soap-box about or where you want to make difference.

Often your ideal clients are dealing with a situation that you have experience with, such as struggled to conceive, couldn’t find a job, went broke, got divorced. Remember a turning point in your life.

Your ideal clients could be people you have a deep connection to because of something you’ve experienced with someone close to you, e.g.: parent with cancer, or sister being bullied.

Or they could be people you’re able to support because of expertise you acquired along the way, whether formally through university or through the school of hard-knocks.

Ironically, the narrower your focus, the more success is likely. 

For a lot of coaches letting go of a general focus or multiple groups, is difficult. Many have been where you may be. But it’s not forever. Put everything else on the backburner, and focus on that one group that calls most to you. Give it your all and see what happens.

Having a clear focus will support you in doing more of what you’re meant to do in the world and help more people.

Have you identified your ideal clients? 

What is your coaching target market and niche? 

We would love to hear your thoughts so please post any comments or questions below.

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