50kbootcampI wanted to let you know about an exciting “Challenge” going on that I thought you might like… it’s about generating $50K in 50 days by creating a Virtual Bootcamp.

It’s being offered by my friend Nicola Bird – and she’s going to show you step-by-step how to package up your coaching and knowledge and offer a Virtual Bootcamp.

Find out more about the 50 Days to $50K Challenge

What I like about Nicola’s “Challenge” is that she provides a specific and proven method for creating your own coaching/training program or product in a relatively short amount of time.

Plus – the BEST part – this Bootcamp is being offered for just $1!

See what this Virtual Bootcamp Challenge is all about.

A Virtual Bootcamp is like an online group coaching or training program and here are 7 Reasons to do them:

1. Leverage Your Time

If you’re only trading time for money right now, you’re placing a limit on your income. Creating a Virtual Bootcamp means you can serve many more clients all at the same time.

2. Create a Product Quickly

Many coaches love the idea of creating online programs and products, but then go into overwhelm with where to start and how to do it. Virtual Bootcamps overcome this problem as you can simply record your weekly “Bootcamp” training and coaching calls and then turn those recordings into a product.

3. Get Paid to Create Content

With a Virtual Bootcamp, the idea is that you sell your group program THEN build it. Now this takes some guts, but this is the way to get paid while you create your product AND make sure that your clients get the content they really need.

4. Develop a Lasting Resource

Create your Virtual Bootcamp once and then be able to continue offering that program to many future clients. When you create your own intellectual property you develop an asset in your business that you can leverage and use again and again.

5. Help Clients Get Better Results Faster

The ‘Bootcamp’ part of running a Virtual Bootcamp means your clients work intensively for a short period of time. Helping them to focus in this way is one of the best ways to keep them engaged and get them the results they want.

6. Serve A Lot More Clients

Because you are working with groups, you can offer a more affordable rate and have an attractive offering for all those people who aren’t ready or able to invest in your 1:1 coaching. So Virtual Bootcamp clients get a lower investment price, you increase your hourly rate and everyone wins.

7. They’re FUN!

The pace you set in your Virtual Bootcamp means that there’s a huge buzz for both you and your clients as you work together intensively over such a short period of time. Add in an online forum and you can feel the energy crackling on your website as your clients connect with each other as they go through the learning and implementation experience together.

As you might now, I’m a HUGE proponent of coaches packaging up their wisdom and expertise into programs. That’s why I’m such a fan of what Nicola Bird is teaching in this training, and for $1 it certainly seems well worth checking out.

Learn more about the Virtual Bootcamp – $50K in 50 Days Challenge here.

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