For the past week I’ve spent a lot more time than I’d like to admit watching the winter Olympics on TV. And while it’s definitely hindering my productivity, it’s totally stoking my inspiration.

It started with the opening ceremonies and the parade of nations. I love seeing all the athletes from around the world and cheering for all the countries where I have some kind of connection. My poor husband had to endure my never-ending commentary that went something like this, “Yay Denmark! That’s where Michala is from, remember she stayed with us…. Yay Finland, that’s where Sanna is from and remember when I spoke at the conference there…” You get the picture.

After the opening ceremony I became immersed in the competition. I’m a big fan of the skiing and snowboarding events and am blown away by the dedication, hard work and commitment demonstrated by these amazing athletes.

As someone who thinks a lot about how professional coaches can best market their services, the Olympics are a gold mine. Inspirational, coaching-oriented stories abound. And the Olympics are the one sporting event that just about everyone around the world can relate to.

Use this opportunity to connect with your clients, prospects and subscribers. I guarantee that if you spend just a little time watching the Olympics this weekend you’ll find the inspiration about what to write.