The Essential Website Roadmap For Non-TechiesLet’s talk websites…

Do you have one for your coaching business?

And if you have a website, is it actually working to attract new clients?

“Back in the old days…” (aka: just a few weeks ago before the pandemic hit) a coach could focus on in-person marketing and effectively connect with and sign up new clients, even if they didn’t have much of an online presence.

The times have changed.

Now EVERYTHING is happening online.

So if you don’t have a website yet…

Or if the one you have needs some loving…

Here’s a super helpful free resource for you to download:

The Essential Website Roadmap for Non-Techies

It’s from my good friend Christina Hills. Christina is a total rockstar at teaching non-techie people how to create beautiful, client-attracting websites using WordPress.

The great thing about what Christina teaches is that you can do this all yourself!

So if you’re staying at home to help “flatten the curve” (THANK YOU)…

this free website road map and training video simplifies the process so that you can create your own website, easily maintain it AND have it actually bring you lots of new ideal coaching clients.

Here’s just some of what you’ll find out when you download Christina’s free website roadmap:

  • The 5 different aspects of website creation. You’ll be much more organized once you know what these are.
  • The two most common “wrong turns” Christina sees people make on the path to creating their website. These will tempt you, unless you know why you should avoid them. 
  • The proven path to get your client-attracting website launched quickly, even if you’re not into technology. You won’t find this information anywhere else.

Okay Michelle, I hope you’re hanging in there and balancing the “netflix and chill” downtime we all need right now…

…While also being smart and taking advantage of this window of opportunity to focus on your future and setting your business up for long-term success.

Stay Well. Stay Home. Stay Positive. Wash Your Hands. :)

Sending you love!

You rock,