How Much Can You Get Done in a Day?Have you ever coached a client (or a group of clients) in a one-day coaching intensive or virtual workshop format?

I have to say, I LOVE these types of “get ‘er done” models…

…both for working with clients and as a participant so I can crank out stuff for my own business :)

Apparently, I’m not alone.

Yesterday I was reading through the 28 pages of feedback I got from the coaches who went through my Group Coaching Success Bootcamp in 2017…

…One of their favorite things was the 2 “Virtual Workshops” I take people through during the GCS Bootcamp.

Anyway, I’ve been developing a new approach to make the “Virtual Workshop” format even better and I want to try out this new model before my 2018 Group Coaching Success Bootcamp starts in May.

So… I thought I’d run a pilot program next month.

And I’d love and appreciate your help on deciding the topic!

If you were to participate in a one-day virtual workshop where you could accomplish one of these things in a single day, which would you choose…

(Click on one!)

Create Your Signature Coaching Program

Create Your Client Attracting and Enrolling Webinar

Create Your Downloadable “Free Gift” (aka: Lead Magnet)

Thanks in advance for your feedback. I really appreciate it!

You rock,



Stay tuned…

…I’ll announce the top choice next week and let you know the details about the pilot Virtual Workshop in case you want to join in and “get ‘er done!”